TNF was born in 2002, the result of a long history in the world of agriculture. Since the beginning, our mission has been to manufacture and distribute ecological and zero-waste agricultural products of low environmental impact, betting on strengthening the crop itself so that, by itself, dominate its environment and optimize the relationship with its environment.

TNF is present in the main producer markets of the world and aiming to be a benchmark of modern, efficient, quality and environmentally friendly agriculture, through an innovative treatment of crops with an ecological and differentiated orientation.

Therefore, our main mission is to collaborate and advise producers, farmers, irrigation companies, distributors and cooperatives in the use of our products. We optimize their crops in an integral and sustainable way in cooperation with nature itself, helping them to develop their full potential, focusing on the control of the physiognomy of the plant and its adaptation and symbiosis with the environment. With all the above we achieve superior quality and performance at a lower cost for our customers through the Carbocalidad method and the most innovative and eco-friendly products.

At TNF CARBOCALIDAD we have a wide range of products, however, we like to cooperate with the community, listening to their needs and suggestions to find solutions and improvements that fit the needs or particularities of each user.

We are present in different countries such as: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico among others.

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