Results of the Samborondón rice test

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After the physical inspection of the case, we recommended the application of four of our products, divided into three treatments. It was also agreed with the producer that the applications would be carried out in a batch of one hectare and that the trials would begin on 12 June 2020.

The information obtained was the number of bags of rice per hectare. The quintal (qq) has 200 pounds, but that varies depending on the quality of the grain and what they agree between the harvester and the producer, being able to do it between the range of 200 to 210 pounds. This variation produces alterations in the final result of rice obtained in the field (grain with shell).

The producer informed us that he normally obtained between 50-55 qq of pilado rice per hectare, in duly treated crops. Our trial produced 85 qq of grain rice, equivalent to 65 qq of pilados rice, resulting in an increase of approximately 10 to 15 qq of pilado rice per hectare.

A reduction in the use of agrochemicals was observed by up to 50%. This occurs because when applying our products their action is amplified, detail of paramount importance since they reduce expenses for the producer in use of agrochemicals.

The efficacy of Calión was proven in adverse situations, such as phytotoxicity caused by the application of selective herbicides such as Profoxidim and Quinclorac.

There was an increase in the production of pilado rice per hectare, between 18.2% and 30%, despite the fact that the conditions for carrying out the trial were unflattering, with little technification and no treatment for pre-emergent weeds.

It was also observed that in the batch close to our trial, the weight of the weed shifted the crop, that is, it suffered from acame, a situation that the producer told us was regularly present in crops not treated with our products. Our lot however presented robust and strengthened stems, a situation for which it did not present the aforementioned problem.


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